A regular 3 bed terraced house close to the University of Essex rents on the general private residential market place for £950pcm. You can easily convert this property into a 5 bed house share that rents to students for £2,500pcm (Gross rent with bills included)
Student Properties achieve higher rent on average than House Shares rented to working people.

This is because the Halls of Residence Rates are high so it sets a higher private residential house share rate.
Students have a genuine reason to maintain their tenancy and not breach it or abscond because they require accommodation for the duration of their studies and their academic year. If they do not look after their property or pay their rent on time they are in danger of jeopardizing their tenancy and in turn their studies. The default rate for students is below average compared to working person house shares and regular private residential house lets.
Students have access to grant funding and student loans (whereas a working applicant could simply lose their job which could affect your rental income)

Students would always have a valuable guarantor (which is usually a parent wishing to protect their credit rating and willing to settle any unpaid rent), whereas a working house share applicant would not normally carry a guarantor.

Therefore, a student house share applicant can be more valuable and reliable than a working applicant.
There is massive demand for student accommodation in Southend on Sea. The University of Essex Halls of Residence are full and the University of Essex is growing year on year.

It’s very clear that the University of Essex is expanding. Take a walk along Elmer Approach and you will find a brand new library and teaching centre, “The Forum”, 2 new teaching centres opposite the University entrance and the street have been pedestrianised and paved. Money is being invested in Southend on Sea as a University Town.

Student Accommodation at the Halls of residence is expensive compared to rooms in private residential House shares. This is the number one motivational factor for students choosing private residential house shares over the Halls of Residence with secondary factors being upsizing their room and choosing whom they share with.
By choosing to rent to Students you can provide certainty of any voids (empty rental periods) of your property by up to 19 months in advance. Although void periods are not necessarily a good thing they are inevitable when letting rooms but then you are in the market place where House shares are earning you up to 2.5 x regular market rent for your property. The good news is that these inevitable voids will likely not be bad. Firstly, your student market typically choose and secure their rental property in January of each year (whilst your existing tenants are in situ) for commencement of their tenancy in September for a course that ends in July the following year. That’s providing certainty that you will know what is happening with your tenancies for up to 19 months in advance, and 8 months advanced notice of new tenants moving in.

We issue minimum 11 month tenancies for students whilst working applicants will require less appetising 6 month tenancies. Therefore, student lets would typically leave you with a 2 month void annually. However, often we achieve 12 month tenancies for those students that are on 12 month courses (such as dental or nursing). Any void periods can be planned well in advance by up to 19 months and you can either carry out planned maintenance during these periods, or rent to students for their summer months at reduced rent, or we can rent your property to language students or those requiring just a short 2 month let.
The demand for Student Accommodation is High and the demand for courses and places at the University of Essex is high.

This applies to not just domestic students but also to international students. The University’s courses are truly diverse. They offer established acting courses via their East 15 partnership - "Acting and Stage Combat”, “Community Theatre” and “Physical Theatre”. They have reputable lecturers gravitating student demand for their courses. There are also more regular Business Degree courses and Nursing Courses which are providing bread and butter student tenants. However, there are also unusual sought after “Computer Games Design and Programming'' Course and “Dental Hygiene'' Courses all taught to degree standards.

This diversity of courses attracts students from around the country and indeed around the world. It creates a high demand for student accommodation in Southend on Sea. Approximately 10% of our accommodated students arrive from outside the EU and are frequently from the Far East.